Well, this is it.

After almost five years trying The Croft has finally found his way home.

This Saturday I’ll fly to Stornoway with a one-way ticket and my life in a suitcase.

I’ll be training as a Harris Tweed weaver from next week, something I feel proud and privileged to have the opportunity to do and I’m looking forward to making a contribution to both the industry and island in my own small way as soon as I “graduate” and get on a loom. Tweeds need weaved!

It’s a massive change, I’ve been in Glasgow for 17 years now but my eyes are wide open, there’s no rose-tinted specs and the time is right to try and make a go of it.

Next year there will be bees and airighs, writing and some other project possibilities but it will always be about the clo for me. It’s amazing the difference a successful industry on the island can make. Hopefully in future more young folk will return whether to weave or market or design or any of the other jobs that go hand in hand with a thriving international textile industry on your doorstep, fitting another vital piece of the jigsaw into an island’s survival and revival.

I’d always planned to retire the blog if and when I made it home but I think there are still stories to be told. And as long as I can avoid getting a fat lip on Cromwell Street for something I’ve written it will be business as usual.

Only now from a less distant point of view.