I’ve been a Nipponophile since the mid 90’s.

Now beyond cliche, back in the day (ha, am old enough to say that crap now!) Japan was Mecca and we’d pay £15+ for magazines (Boon!, Assayan! Cool Tranz! etc) we couldn’t read just to look at the pictures.

It wasn’t just style, it was architecture, design, spirituality, music, movies…

But have been there, done that, I look back fondly on an infatuation with this incredible place, so full of contradictions.

So it pleases me to find them ever enthusiastic for the Clo Mor. If Harris Tweed was a Japanese industry it would never have got into the state it got into.

So in homage to our men and women in Japan here’s a rundown of the myriad of HT goods purveyed this season…

Fill Your Boots!