So…apologies for complete lack of blog posts recently.

The old macbook finally gave up the ghost after 5 years faithful service and I had to spring for a new machine, this time a nice shiny desktop iMac.

But I still feel a complete lack of impetus to write updates now I’m back on the island.

The blog set out to be a place to gather my thoughts and archive useful bits and pieces as I tried to make my way home so now I’m finally here there’s little more to say.

So I’m calling this point in posting history End Of Part One.

I’m going to spend a little time tagging and categorising the whole blog so it will be easier to browse through past posts and then hopefully make a wee announcement regarding a certain category of the blog setting up home elsewhere.

After that, fingers crossed, we can start Part Two and do that whole Crofting Blog thing for real. Y’know…animals, veg, weather…

So if you drop by regularly, hold tight, things will get back to normal soon enough. Different but normal.