26 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi

    Could you put me in contact with anyone who makes mens jackets, to avoid going to the high street, Harris Tweed wise?

    Appreciate your help.


  2. Have dropped you an email Pete.

  3. preciousjolene said:

  4. Yeah, keep meaning to do a post about Hibernate but it’s a tweed deluge at the moment. Soon tho!

  5. I truly love this blog. I have spent hours with do not disturb placed on my door. Ah, it takes me back to a special time of wondering your land.
    Big smiles and keep up the great work.

  6. Thanks Mira!

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your film “The Guga Hunters of Ness” – absolutely captivating. Well done on surviving the journey! I’m a Niseach living on the mainland and love the guga.

  8. Not my film, Mike Day of Intrepid Cinema is the man to direct the praise to!

    He reads the blog so it’ll get passed along, was great though wasn’t it?

  9. It was a fantastic film, really atmospheric without being trite and over sentimental for “the old ways”. I was fascinated. But I’ll stick to my baked tattie tonight…

  10. reg gambier aka GravirLife said:

    Good to meet you in person very briefly the other day at Harris Tweed Show, Stornoway.
    Hope you liked the show and share the passion for the most versatile,beautiful fabric in the world (ok I am biased)…
    cheers for now

  11. Good to meet you too. Now I can insult you in person as well as online 😉

  12. Lynda and Peter Bowyer said:

    Absolutely cracking blog. Following it now we’ve come across it. We’re in the process of firming up plans to relocate ‘oop North’ to Lewis and find your musings excellent. Lynda and Peter Bowyer. “Tea and Tartan”.

  13. You realise that as English incomers you will be met off the ferry by pitchforks and burning torches? Best advice is to read this blog thoroughly to acquaint yourself with the culture and how to blend in and be sure learn to speak Gaelic fluently by the time you arrive. That way you may make it through your first year alive. Failing that, don’t wear bright Gore-tex jackets on the Sabbath, join any local campaign groups or start any craft shops with the word Hebridean in the title. And don’t say “Oop North” either. Noone north of Manchester does either 😉

  14. Lynda and Peter Bowyer said:

    I’ll leave my North Face jacket on the coat hook of a Sunday to be sure. Gaelic is coming along slowly but doing my best. No plans for a Hebridean name in my business as I’m already started, and as a Wakefield-born lass I’ve always said “Ooop North”, so sorry about that. Must change my roots and my ways, eh? By your recent comments I fear you will be the one with the pitchforks and torches. I’ll make sure I fetch my best frock for when I’m toasted alive in a Wicker Man 🙂

  15. Ach, don’t worry, I live in Glasgow and there’s no locals left up there now anyway. Youll be welcomed with open arms and Home County accents 😉

  16. Lynda and Peter Bowyer said:

    I’m a Yorkshire lass, so there’s no RP accent on me! I just happen to live in Berks at the moment!

  17. Fantastic blog!
    Not sure if you’ve seen it, but I just watched a 3 part bbc documentary on harris tweed from a few years back.
    Is the the industry still in as dire straits and what is to be made of this Brian Haggas fellow?

    Vancouver, BC

  18. Sorry Ben, you ended up in the Spam Folder for some reason. No the industry is in fine fettle these days. That documentary was shot during a period of upheaval and transition and as is their wont the editors played a little fast and loose with the truth to serve a good story. Harris Tweed Hebrides seen in the film (Shawbost / Brian Wilson etc) as the newcomers are now very much to the fore accounting for 90+% of tweed production now and claiming credit for the revival of the stuff over the last three years. But Haggas appears to be finding his feet more recently, giving more patterns and styles but still nowhere near what he’d anticipated.

  19. Never knew a blog could be a work of ART

    Never blogged

    I might be crying by the time im through

    i heard blokes dont like that, but its ok

    just something i do – in the presence of beauty.

    i crossed the world from a sheep farm in enzed

    to the south of south uist

    with a dream like that.

    No funds to make it come true

    not a nurse

    and too old to breed from.

    just wound up a cynic.

    now killing time at an ART school in inverness

    and i just got an email

    about looms to buy,

    very funny

    Looked for weaver training

    to make me an income

    Found I had to have one to get the training

    never mind buy the loom.

    First winter I harvested tangles,

    second i hunkered down in stornoway

    and applied for a hundred jobs

    now killing time at an ART school in inverness.

    i would love to visit

    just to see it can be done

    smell the smells and the biting wind


    and do some nice drawings.

    Mid term break, from the 13th of October

    My bus has been booked for weeks,

    for no real reason.

    What say you?

    Can I come?

  20. Catwoman" said:

    Geronimo the Gingerbread Cat, you wonderful feline! Who dared to call you ‘Weasley? Never mind Im sure you know your true name! Run run as fast as you can!

  21. Your Facebook page isn’t loading. Received an error message.

  22. Fixed, thank you!

  23. Right now I wish more than anything I could run away from art school and all the funding hassles, and craziness, and sit at a loom (a Hattersley) and make tweed, especially after my recent flying visit to Shawbost. Ah well my toy loom is coming soon (a Harris folding floor loom).

  24. Fiona MacLeod-Green said:

    Hello, just came onto your blog to read a bit more on crofting / Lewis, and stumbled into your adventures with the BNP boyo. Am weeping with laughter. Keep it up! All the best.

  25. On a good day, when everything is working and you haven’t stepped out for tea and set the loom awhack, how many meters can you weave?

  26. 30 meters a day is my average, approx 7-8 hours with breaks maybe?

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